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A Bond

Towards One's Recovery


Who we are

Since 1998, our community-based organization offers a follow-up service to adults living with mental health issues.

We are a team of professional psychosocial councilors working in support relationships with the understanding of the suffering and its impact on the individual. Our competence in the mental health field is based on solid education and training and numerous years of experience in the field of intervention. Suivi communautaire Le Fil is an independent community-based organization funded by the Programme de soutien aux organismes communautaires (PSOC) of the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS).



Our services are free and confidential.

The follow-up offers time and space for discussion, reflection, and questionings, as well as referrals, incremental progress, and accompaniment also being part of a follow-up. We pay particular attention to living conditions and social difficulties.

We travel to meetings with the client in the community as well as the client’s home. We engage ourselves in a helping relationship with a long-term view.

We serve the following areas of the Island of Montreal : Centre-Sud, St-Louis du Parc, Plateau Mont-Royal, Petite Patrie, Villeray and St-Michel Sud.

You live in another area ? Visit rosac.ca to see which community-based organization can help you.

Team Vision

Each person is unique and has a right to his\her difference with respect to his\her values, beliefs, and lifestyle

We foster the person’s ability to change. In order that the person take back more power in his\her life and in his\her environment, we believe that in the person’s competence to make choices and to assume the individual and social responsibilities of those choices.

A Recovery Approach

Dialogue and a person’s reflection on his\her life are the guides in our approach. The helping relationship permits the worker to accompany the person in his journey, at his own pace and according to the means developed together.

The follow-up relationship has a therapeutic benefit and aims at an over-all improvement in well-being. The team hope is that the follow-up experience can inspire the client towards positive change.

Make a Request

Our services are offered to adults living with mental health problems (diagnosed or not), who live in the area that we serve. No reference is required.

1. If you are intereted in starting a follow-up, you must call at 514 525 0504. We will then fill out an application form on the phone. Once the form completed, we give an appointment for an exploration meeting.

2. The exploration meeting takes place with two of our councilors and lasts for an one hour. It allows us to see what are the person's expectations and how they want to be helped.

3. The request is placed on our waiting list for a councilor. Otherwise, we refer the person to the most adequate resource.

Contact us

Phone: (514) 525-0504

Fax: (514) 525-9123

Email : lefil@videotron.ca

755 avenue Mont Royal Est

Montréal (QC) H2J 1W8

Please note that we do not provide service to our offices.

Interested in our services?
You can contact us directly here